Sunday, November 29, 2009

So, this is my blog

Why, you ask, did she name it Script For a Jester's Tear? First, it's the name of one of my favorite Marillion songs. This stanza always hit me particularly hard;

The fool escaped from paradise will look over his shoulder and cry
Sit and chew on daffodils and struggle to answer why?
As you grow up and leave the playground
Where you kissed your prince and found your frog
Remember the jester that showed you tears, the script for tears "

I'm not really sure why, except perhaps I think I always felt like that fool that escaped from paradise. Maybe struggling to answer why I am who I am, or why me, even.

Aside from that, the title of my blog is sort of symbolic; script = the writing part, Jester's tear = the fool I've been, and the pain I've experienced in my life, sometimes by my own hand. And so, these will be my musings, thoughts, and opinions on life, my script.

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