Monday, January 18, 2010

Name Quandary

For at least the last 15 or so years, I've always believed that my birth father's surname was Hernandez. After speaking with my birth mother, I now know that my birth father's surname is Morse. However, Hernandez IS what appears on my original birth certificate.

So, my quandary is this; I've put out there as my blogger name Baby Girl Williams/Hernandez, when in fact, I'm Baby Girl Williams/Morse, or Danielle Williams-Morse (no middle name).

So...what do I go by?

If I stick with Baby Girl Williams/Hernandez, it's legally accurate. However, I used that as a deliberately emotional moniker. Additionally, I'm no longer "just" Baby Girl. I have a name. But in gaining a name, have I lost a foothold on my "place" in the adoption reform movement? Probably least not by the standards of those I care about in the movement, but is this something that I needed in my psyche? Is this something that I feel I should hold onto because it defines who I am?

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